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Violence in "Romeo and Juliet".

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In any play by the well-known William Shakespeare, there is bound to be plenty of meat on the bone in regards to the script. Underneath the concrete elements of character, plot and theme there are very complex and unique ideas and images. Throughout one of Shakespeare's more established plays, Romeo and Juliet, many images are evoked through the playwright's mastery - one of the key ones being the violence that envelopes the world of Verona. Shakespeare produces fantastic visions of violence in the world, through what happens in the play. A few main violent images brought about by the work is that it is unfair, universal, and overpowering, yet it also ultimately serves as a sense of hope and rebirth.


The pure visual interpretation of the violent nature here shows exactly how the lower classmen, although not directly, truly involved in the Capulet/Montague rivalry are drawn into the violence among everyone else in the families. The contrasting side of society which higher level, somewhat noble characters such as Paris, Romeo and Tybalt represent also take part in this aggressive violence. This completes the universal image. In this world, we therefore learn that every person can be affected by their violent nature no matter whom they are. Shakespeare makes violent nature out to be a blanket over this world in the play, in which everything is underneath it and ruled by it. No matter who one is, or what they believe, it is still impossible to escape the violence or at least be affected by it in some way. Friar Laurence and The Nurse are not violent characters by nature - but they are still exposed to it and have to deal with it within the play as the events unfold around them. To recap: the idea that violence is viewed as a universal, all-encompassing image is prominent in the play through the fact that each character in "Romeo and Juliet" is forced to deal with the violent world around them.





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